Twitter Branding @Football_Wales

Asked to produce a Twitter branding for @Football_Wales.  An idea from a local footy fan who tweets about Welsh football and local clubs.  Initially not happy with his copied logo from google he approach me to come up with something new.

Design Requirements :

His design / branding requirements were, “something cool like the Arseblog and 3d!”

Further questioning produced a more specific brief

  • 3D Logo…
  • Football related…
  • Welsh themed….

Technical Requirements :

A twitter football theme, compromising of a an avatar, background and profile design.

Ideas / Exploration:




Solution :

Searching for some templates online, I was able to produce several ideas and mockups in wireframe and illustration detail.

  • PSD background of some grass/turf for the pitch in 1980×1600 to cover a wide range of resolutions.
  • Avatar – GooFinal Logo gle Sketch Up mock up and then illustrated in Photoshop with some nifty touches.  One profile 500×500 reduced to 125×125 to capture the detail and a smaller avatar for the side bar.  Shield in Yellow, plus the element of shadow is making use of the white space to enhance the 3D effect.
  • Profile – Light green sidebar, blue links and white text.

Result : Follow @football_wales

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