Too late?

One share yesterday showed the potential upside of this crazy capitalism with 4 times the value of investment or gamble in this case with AMC.L – shot up on news of potential assets in it’s early morning RNS, quicker than Usain Bolt over the 200m.

Rising to a peak of around 427% of it’s initial bid price on announcement of $16billion worth of mining resource assets and current value of company worth £20million screamed a huge buy to the faltering FTSE market.  Worth noting this is not a FTSE share and the risk come with the rewards on the AIM circuit.

This morning there is no signs of a hangover fromt he party nor a retrace and price has risen another 25% on opening.

Have you missed the boat? Well, maybe not according to various sources estimating company is now worth at least 34p with conservative estimation.  Worth a punt at current price of around 13p……..if you can get it.

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