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Came across this site the other day, pretty cool – loads of images and arty-designer-led-inspiration. Click and go – see an image you like? click on it and similar stuff comes up from members.

Unfortunately you cannot register because it is by invitation only, so I am hunting down a member going to get fresh. Safe, innit.

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Liquid Gold

GKP.L announce findings of oil! Yeeha!
Having held this share since 32p with a small holding I was glad to see the price this morning had lurched to 101p at high point from yesterdays 52p close.
With the DOW opening 2:30pm this afternoon it will be interesting to see how this one pans out in the short term with a potential buy out from the big boys.

Watch this spot.



Too late?

One share yesterday showed the potential upside of this crazy capitalism with 4 times the value of investment or gamble in this case with AMC.L – shot up on news of potential assets in it’s early morning RNS, quicker than Usain Bolt over the 200m.

Rising to a peak of around 427% of it’s initial bid price on announcement of $16billion worth of mining resource assets and current value of company worth £20million screamed a huge buy to the faltering FTSE market.  Worth noting this is not a FTSE share and the risk come with the rewards on the AIM circuit.

This morning there is no signs of a hangover fromt he party nor a retrace and price has risen another 25% on opening.

Have you missed the boat? Well, maybe not according to various sources estimating company is now worth at least 34p with conservative estimation.  Worth a punt at current price of around 13p……..if you can get it.

Shares….this is stupid!

End of short term rally?

Picking the right shares to profit out of this recession is pretty difficult, if not like chucking a dart at a board blind and hoping to hit the bulls eye – or is it?

Reading the news, most people are thinking “Wow!” – “the banks made a profit, city boys still getting big bonuses and the government is moving money around to encourage buying. Everything is going well, we’ve turned a corner and on we go back to normality……………” or is it?

Think about it – just how many new cars have you seen on the road lately? Fiat 500’s, Nissan Micra’s and other small city cars have been popping up due to the scrap page deal offered on old cars.  Isn’t this false economy? Further lending to already cash strapped public with offers of £2000 off new cars that they do not really need?

Big picture? Well, maybe – the banks got us into this mess, they will probably get us out.

But, for sure the market for shares has been roller coastering for a while now.  A forum member on iii wrote “The market is never wrong, the market is what it is at the time, it is people who make the market, if someone is willing to pay that price then that is what it is.” How can you argue with that?  Goes to show, Lloyds post loss of £4bn, four billion?!? and the share prices goes up 30%!

Just throw the dart, as long as it hits the board you are in the game……….long term.

News….RIP Sir Boby Robson

bobby robson rip

RIP Sir Bobby Robson

Just a few crackers in respect.

Shola’s nicked name:

Reporter to Newcastle’s Shola Ameobi: ‘Do you have a nickname?’
Ameobi: ‘No, not really’
Reporter: ‘So what does Bobby Robson call you?’
Ameobi: ‘Carl Cort.’

Sir Forgetable:

Alan Brazil: “I’m delighted to say we’ve got Sir Bobby Robson on the
end of the phone, fresh from getting his knighthood at Buckingham Palace.
Bobby, terrific news.”

Sir Bobby Robson: “What is?”

Brazil: “You know, getting the old sword on the shoulder from Prince

Sir Bob: Eh? [Long pause] “Oh yeah… well, it was a day I’ll never

Who’s name is it anyway?:

Sir Bobby to Bryan Robson: “Good morning, Bobby.”
Bryan: “You’re Bobby, I’m Bryan!”

The Quotes

“Andy O’Brien has an horrendous nose, the poor lad. It is massive, it is black and blue and it is awful.” – Getting personal.

“Titus looks like Tyson when he strips off in the dressing-room, except he doesn’t bite. And he has a great tackle.” – On Titus Bramble, we think the ‘tackle’ referred to was his defensive qualities.

“We didn’t underestimate them. They were a lot better than we thought”
– After England sneaked through against Cameroon in the 1990 World Cup.

“Hitler didn’t tell us when he was going to send over those doodlebugs, did he?” – On why he was refusing to name his England team before a World Cup qualifer against Sweden in 1989

“We’re taking 22 players to Italy, sorry, to Spain… where are we, Jim?”
– On whether Paul Gascoigne should have gone to the 1998 World Cup in France.

“There will be a game where somebody scores more than Brazil and that might be the game that they lose.”
“Steve Hodge has been unfit for two weeks, well, no, for 14 days.”

“Ray Wilkins’ day will come one night.”

“Tottenham have impressed me: they haven’t thrown in the towel even though they have been under the gun.”

“Look at those olive trees. They’re two hundred years old – from before the time of Christ!” – Sir Bobby illustrates how great life is in Barcelona.

“If we invite any player up to the Quayside to see the girls and then up to our magnificent stadium, we will be able to persuade any player to sign.” – Playing up Newcastle’s Playboy image.

“They can’t be monks – we don’t want them to be monks, we want them to be football players because a monk doesn’t play football at this level.”
– Justifying Newcastle’s Playboy image.

“They’re two points behind us, so we’re neck and neck.”
“I’d say he’s the best in Europe, if you put me on the fence”

“I played cricket for my local village. It was 40 overs per side, and the team that had the most runs won. It was that sort of football.”

“If we start counting our chickens before they hatch, they won’t lay any eggs in the basket.”

“I would have given my right arm to be a pianist.”

“What can I say about Peter Shilton? Peter Shilton is Peter Shilton, and he has been Peter Shilton since the year dot.”

“I’m not going to look beyond the semi-final – but I would love to lead Newcastle out at the final.”

“Home advantage gives you an advantage.”