It has been a while….

…since I last posted!

Been a bit busy with family life, the boy and Uni so I have not managed to post anything for a long while.  Since my redundancy back in December 2011, I have also been cycling like an idiot* to ward off depressing moments and to get my fitness back.

But, in haste of catching up with my usual projects I have also managed to move into a new position as Business Development Analyst for AlphabyteIT in Cardiff earlier this week. Yay!

18 months ago I decided to embark on a MSc IT Management course at my local University to improve my future prospects and gain employment in the IT sector. Notoriously competitive for junior roles and sparse local recruitment I decided that a MSc would benefit me rather than sit around moaning about lack of choices in the area.

The course at UWCN has been enjoyable, interesting and I have met some new people who had a great deal of experience.  I was also elected course representative which gave me some leadership and diplomacy (!) skills!

I covered a range of modules including:

  • Accounting & Financial Control
  • Information Systems Development
  • Managing Projects & Programmes
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Management
  • Legislative & Professional Issues
  • Strategic Planning for Technology Management
All that is now left is my Dissertation!

Note: *1,800miles, 114,000ft climbing….


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