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acrylics on canvass

Paintings eh!  Once in a while, when I have not lifted a creative finger – I get an itch to paint for a few days and knock up a pop art master piece on the fly!

I also undertake commissions for individuals and in the case of some people badgered into something for their personal collection.  I normally start with an enquiry for a particular type of image and then add my own take on the theme, producing a unique pop art painting.

I use high quality acrylic paints that are water proof, extremely durable and also hold their colour very well.  The canvass is typically high quality cotton, primed to ensure the paint adheres to the surface and mounted on a thick wooden frame.

Standard canvass sizes are 20″x24″ and also 30″x24″ which I always have stocked up in the attic and other sizes are available on request.

Custom sizes costs a little extra as I would have to order in to suit requirements – this is rare, normally I can find a suitable size.

I also have experience in creating digital canvass prints, postcards and various other paper stock products.

Click on the image in the article and it will take you to my gallery on deviant art.

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