They think its all over, it is now!

Wow! A year almost gone!


Been a whirlwind of almost another year since last post! Finally finished my MSc IT Management at Newport Uni, which has merged to the new South Wales University and carried out Dissertation on SME’s Business Continuity and IT Alignment, finalising on around 18K words.  Seems like such a slog, but at the same time well worth the effort.


Also, developed some cycling designs with, plus an instagram feed of actual gear we have designed in the last year. Winter Jersey’s, Coffee Cups and Italian Race bags.  We have a small following, so it is good to see some like-minded cyclists in the region buying local quality goods from small independents.

Mon Wheelers Club Kit

The Monwheelers have also been very active, recruiting around 35 members and taking part in our local Wiggle Wye Valley Sportive. Our FB group has grown pretty well and there is plenty of banter, usual jibes and crazy photos. If you are in South Wales and fancy some social riding get in touch here or  here !


Currently at AlphabyteIT where I have been wearing many, many hats over the year – Learnt some further Sharepoint, SQL, C#, WordPress and technical skills for the portfolio.   A spot of Business Developing with Management System and some Business Analyst projects. Updated my LinkedIN profile to reflect my experience in the last year.

It has been a while….

…since I last posted!

Been a bit busy with family life, the boy and Uni so I have not managed to post anything for a long while.  Since my redundancy back in December 2011, I have also been cycling like an idiot* to ward off depressing moments and to get my fitness back.

But, in haste of catching up with my usual projects I have also managed to move into a new position as Business Development Analyst for AlphabyteIT in Cardiff earlier this week. Yay!

18 months ago I decided to embark on a MSc IT Management course at my local University to improve my future prospects and gain employment in the IT sector. Notoriously competitive for junior roles and sparse local recruitment I decided that a MSc would benefit me rather than sit around moaning about lack of choices in the area.

The course at UWCN has been enjoyable, interesting and I have met some new people who had a great deal of experience.  I was also elected course representative which gave me some leadership and diplomacy (!) skills!

I covered a range of modules including:

  • Accounting & Financial Control
  • Information Systems Development
  • Managing Projects & Programmes
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Management
  • Legislative & Professional Issues
  • Strategic Planning for Technology Management
All that is now left is my Dissertation!

Note: *1,800miles, 114,000ft climbing….