Candidate Database

frontend dbImproving current business process for candidate information management.

Project Requirements: Enable searching of candidate records through a common user interface using legacy Access DB.  Filter of out standing candidates for records.  Report of performance statistics.

Resources: no current server resource, existing Access DB without normalisation, relationships and queries.

Ideal Solution:  Front End GUI, Back End DB, Queries, Reports and all on Server for multi user access.  Ideal starting point for Oracle or SQL server project.

Result: MS Access DB with three User types, Relationships, SQL Queries and some Reporting & Statistics integration.  Process for sequential DB useage and future exportation of data.

  • Dashboard GUI has live search strings & integers across a range of candidate data available in normalised tables
  • Clicking of search result pulls up record in association
  • Query of pending / out standing candidate qualifications
  • Reporting – Graphical representation of current monthly, period and yearly performance targets

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