7 deadly sins….Sloth

7 deadly sins of football

Terry’s fine mess – Esher, 2008

For most of us, parking tickets are a serious annoyance.  To John Terry, who earns in the region of £135,000 a week at Chelsea, they are a minor irritant.  Terry has had his fair share of injuries over the years, but he was fit and healthy in March 2008 when choosing to ignore a nearby 50p-an-hour car park to leave his black Bentley in a disabled bay outside Pizza Express in Esher.  The centre-half dined inside with his wife, Toni, and one-year-old twins for around two hours before returning to his car, signing a few autographs and removing the £60 fine notice on the windscreen.  He had earned £1,600 in the time he had taken eating, minus the cost of the meal.  An apology was subsequently offered.

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