7 deadly sins….Lust

7 deadly sins of football

Cole saga – Chelsea, 2008
The footballer-love-rat splash has been a staple of the Sunday newspapers for more than 30 years. They come, they go. Then – thankfully – they usually just disappear. But sometimes they linger, none more so than the Ashley Cole/Cheryl Cole/random hairdresser scandal of 2008. Perhaps it was the fact that the Coles, in common with many others, had made great capital – and large wodges of cash – out of the public promotion of their wedding (via OK! magazine) and their marriage (witness the excruciating white-suited National Lottery adverts). Or perhaps it’s just a question of presentation. In 2006, Cole spoke out about his own treatment in the press. “People probably think I’m a little gobby shit. -But off the pitch I’m a totally different person. I’m insecure. I try to keep myself to myself: I’m shy and go into my shell.” Fast-forward two years, and the Sun newspaper reported: “Chelsea love rat Ashley Cole had a booze-fuelled night of lust with a blonde hairdresser. ‘He slapped my backside so hard his wedding ring left an imprint,’ says Aimee.” Always nice to see a man getting over his inhibitions.

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