7 deadly sins….Gluttony

7 deadly sins of football
Clough’s champagne moment – Nottingham Forest, 1979
Brian Clough didn’t really bother analysing the opposition, so when he called his players for a team talk at their hotel the night before the League Cup final against Southampton in 1979, most wondered what was going on. They soon found out. Clough, sat happily next to a crate of champagne, locked the doors and told the players nobody could leave until all of it had been drunk. When John O’Hare complained on the grounds that he only drank bitter, Clough left the room and returned with 10 pints. Tony Woodcock had to be carried to bed. As always, the judgement of such a stunt would only be passed after the game itself. Forest won 3-2, with Woodcock scoring the third.

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