7 deadly sins….Envy

7 deadly sins of football

Clough overlooked by England – The FA 1977
There’s an enormous romance surrounding the fact that Brian Clough never managed England – ostensibly the ultimate example of the one that got away. Yet in reality, he was never close to getting the job. When Don Revie quit in 1977, Clough was interviewed only as a PR exercise, and the man who did get the job, Ron Greenwood, was so certain to do so that the FA did not even bother to interview him. The FA chairman, Sir Harold Thompson, was an intractable bully who had no intention of appointing someone who might make life difficult, like Clough. Those inclined towards devil’s advocacy might point out that Clough hadn’t won a major trophy for five years when the job became available. But even if this had been after Nottingham Forest’s two European Cups, and even if Clough had cured cancer in the meantime, Thompson would have had none of it.

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