Business Intelligence (BI)

Recent redundancy has given me a chance to hone my skills in areas of interest – One of these areas is Business Intelligence Development which enables businesses to perform analysis from vast and complex data.  I have obtained the 70-448 BIS development and maintenance training kit and jumped into the deep end of BI SQL!

For my Masters dissertation I will need to perform an analysis of data and present my findings.  The theory was that I would develop a relational database, an application to analyse my data and use the graphs to present my results.

But before that, there’s Developing SSIS Packages, Developing SSAS Cubes and SSRS Reporting to get around plus some Data wharehousing principles and theory.

Handy that I have the time!

Shares….The Miners!

MinersIt has been a while since I posted anything concerning the shares – This year has proven to be an absolute nightmare for any private investor with the markets showing a loss right across the board.

The AIM market has been hit particularly hard, most of the shares I was holding lost at least 60 – 70% of their value in the course of 6 months and to date have not recovered.

An article published 15/12/11 on the iii by Sarah Modlock and Fiona Bond covering the mining sector covers a few choice penny stocks in this area which are tipped for bigger things.

Granted, good value amongst these stocks, but where is Central Rand Gold (CRND.L) in this article?  4p a share earlier this year in January, tumbled to its lowest around 0.22p when their mining rights were revoked in September.  Good news has since flowed and mining rights have been granted allowing operations to continue.

Obviously this is a risky investment, but rights granted and a 2 year forecast back to 4p you can be sure to put a small punt in an ISA for tax free profits.

CRND is currently trading at 0.7p @ market close on the 16th December.