Design….Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Pop Art

Just completed a spray, hand painted Eiffel Tower for a house present. 48″ x 48″ on thick canvass and textured with silver underlay.

“Named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris. More than 200,000,000 people have visited the tower since its construction in 1889, including 6,719,200 in 2006, making it the most visited paid monument in the world. Including the 24 m (79 ft) antenna, the structure is 324 m (1,063 ft) high (since 2000), which is equivalent to about 81 levels in a conventional building.” –, UK version

News….Launched chaplindesigns


chaplin designs

Due to my passion for design and fancy things I have decided to start up my small business offering these services – makes sense really, so I have purchased a few items and looking to offer the following services to the public:

Large format printing – useful for canvas prints, photography printing and small scale run offs.

Also, custom wallpaper, interior and exterior design for the home.

Main site is over here

Shop….opening soon!


Spend! Spend! Spend!

I have now added a shop area where you can browse my paintings, designs and misc arty items.

Will post news when I have uploaded some of my paintings for sale and also limited prints.

Commissions are undertaken as usual and feel free to contact me if you have an idea in mind or an enquiry for something unique.

Bikes….Dragon Ride



Woah!  Sunday I managed to complete the Dragon Ride cyclosportive.  It is a circular, 190km non competitive road cycle challenge ride over the beautiful hills and valleys of South Wales – around 3000m of climbing, the route takes in the classic Milk Race/Tour of Britain climbs of the Bwlch, Rhigos and Brecon Beacons mountain roads.

Needless to say it was quite hard – 2nd route up Bwlch from Afan was particularly long, arduous and challenging.  Needless to say I managed to grin every time for the camera – more of pain than elation! Recommended for next year if you fancy wrecking your knees and taking on one or two Pro’s who use it as a training ride.

Design….Pop Art


acrylics on canvass

Paintings eh!  Once in a while, when I have not lifted a creative finger – I get an itch to paint for a few days and knock up a pop art master piece on the fly!

I also undertake commissions for individuals and in the case of some people badgered into something for their personal collection.  I normally start with an enquiry for a particular type of image and then add my own take on the theme, producing a unique pop art painting.

I use high quality acrylic paints that are water proof, extremely durable and also hold their colour very well.  The canvass is typically high quality cotton, primed to ensure the paint adheres to the surface and mounted on a thick wooden frame.

Standard canvass sizes are 20″x24″ and also 30″x24″ which I always have stocked up in the attic and other sizes are available on request.

Custom sizes costs a little extra as I would have to order in to suit requirements – this is rare, normally I can find a suitable size.

I also have experience in creating digital canvass prints, postcards and various other paper stock products.

Click on the image in the article and it will take you to my gallery on deviant art.

Money….Dig deep with Rio Tinto


down we go………

Rio Tinto deal with Chinalco collapse on the weekend, sending the share price down around 4% this morning with possible further falls coming.

Lovely opportunity to gain +100 points easy money shorting this share –  The fact that the share price has risen some 50% since the original Chinalco proposal was announced has left share holders worried that the stock has peaked.

Rio Tinto’s announcement of possible BHP joint venture leads to conclusion that further stock price will fall due to $20bn of debt payments needed over the next two years.

Rio Tinto Website