7 deadly sins….Envy

7 deadly sins of football

Blair not a liar – Newcastle United, 1997

That Tony Blair was occasionally economical with the truth in his time in office is not in doubt, but with one of his most notorious “lies” he was genuinely innocent.  Blair was alleged to have said in a BBC radio interview that he remembered sitting in the Gallowgate End at St James’ Park watching the Newcastle legend Jackie Milburn play.  This was basically impossible – Blair was four when Milburn’s career finished, and the Gallowgate End did not have seats until the 90s – and was seen as a risible and patronising attempt to secure the working-class vote.  But when the tape was discovered years later, it was found that Blair said his time as a supporter “came just after Jackie Milburn”.

So he can be excused that – Now he just needs to explain everything else that has gone wrong with this country………

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